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Our Family is passionate about inspiring others to join us in renewing love and respect for our Fellow Citizens, our Flag, our Constitution, and our GREAT COUNTRY.  We do this by promoting patriotic products to help support the organization of EPIC FLAG EVENTS, with the high goal of restoring patriotism across our Nation.


by Irina Negulescu

Signed Original ~  Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 60 ~ $25,000 

This spectacular Original was painted by our Family Friend, Irina, solely in support of EPIC FLAG EVENTS. 

Romanian-born, Irina was raised during the harsh years of Communism,  explaining the passion which comes alive in her expressionistic fine art painting.  Her dramatic brush strokes show depth and realism with a vibrant life force. Irina became a US Citizen in 1994.  Her art is best expressed in her own words ...  

“ My inspiration comes from the liberty I have to express

my passion for dance and music, for my love of the blue sea, the brilliant sky,

and the beautiful people that surround me everyday.‚ÄĚ

 This "Patriotic Plunge" Signed Original

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