Let's MOGGA!

A Story of Two Brothers ...


Two passionately patriotic brothers had a vision to help reignite the American Spirit and renew respect and love for our Country.  They both possessed a deep desire to honor our Miitary, Veterans, Police, & First Responders to counteract the violence that had been occurring across the Nation.

Against all odds, nay sayers, lack of funds (they drained their own savings), protestors, pandemic warnings, general resistance to our Flag, and even high winds, they rallied Family, Friends, and hundreds of Patriots, unfurling the World's Largest American Flag near Mt Rushmore on July 3, 2020!  What a spectacular sight and patriotic success it was!

Today, the entire extended Senser Family is dedicated to holding EPIC FLAG EVENTS across the Country, encouraging all OLD GLORY PATRIOTS to join us!

It's all about Family ...

The Senser Family is dedicated to enlarging the OLD GLORY PATRIOT Community to reignite and renew respect and love for Our Fellow Citizens ... Our Flag ... Our Constitution ... and Our GREAT COUNTRY!